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Kevin & Body Sense Massage School:

Kaveh Salimi (Kevin) is the founder and owner of the Body Sense Massage School (BSMS) as an “Approved International Training Provider” through Australia, and globally. BSMS established in 2011.

Kevin is a qualified and experienced massage therapist and has successfully practiced since 2003 in Australia, and abroad. He is also an approved trainer in massage therapy and his training center provides career pathway massage courses since 2011.

The Body Sense Massage School is represented by Kevin proudly is the Financial and Institutional member of the International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC) of Australia. IAPCC is an industry global association for training providers that facilitate programs in career education.

The BSMS courses also approved by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) of the UK.

BSMS is also the Exclusive Official Representative of the World Massage Federation (WMF) for Australia and New Zealand that can supply WMF Diplomas and certificates to other educational institutes and professionals that deal with massage that are located in Australia and New Zealand. WMF Diplomas and certificates recognised by the court decision of a European Union country and only Body Sense Massage School with Kaveh Salimi can supply them for Australia Continent.

The Body Sense Massage School with Kevin are Accredited member of the International Trade Council (ITC).

Also, after completion of the BSMS massage courses, you will become eligible to apply for the membership of the Australian professional body the World Association for Complementary Practitioners (WAFCP) and you can apply for the public and product liability insurance and indemnity insurance of the AON through the WAFCP.

Body Sense Massage School:

  • Approved International career education provider
  • Financial and Institutional Member of the International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC)
  • Accredited Member of the International Trade Council (ITC)
  • Registered college of the CMA of the UK
  • Official member of the World Massage Federation (WMF)
  • The exclusive “Official Representative” of the World Massage Federation (WMF) for Australia
  • The exclusive “Official Representative” of the World Massage Federation (WMF) for New Zealand

Kevin & Sport:

  • Black belt Dan (I) Kung Fu To’A style
  • Black belt Dan (II) Free Kung Fu style
  • Referee grade (III) in Kung Fu

Honours: The third place of Iran Kung Fu To’A competitions in Tehran November 2003, Member Iranian Kung Fu national team for Belarus international competitions in December 2004.


About Body Sense Massage School

If you are looking for an approved, rich, and flexible massage course that will certify you in a specialized skills and techniques that you will need it at your workplace, and practicing confidently, enroll yourself and discover the Massage Courses at the Body Sense Massage School, who are the pioneer of the Australian and globally approved Weekend Massage Courses in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East and the UK. The courses are comprehensive in nature and offer 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on gaining required knowledge and skills and obtaining a recognised certificate. This school will ensure that the students master the art of the massage and become a true healer.

The Body Sense Massage School is one of the best massage schools that offer approved courses for the enthusiast. How hard the medical condition would be, the courses encircle everything needful to improve the health of the individual. Kevin, a qualified and expert in massage therapy founded this school in 2011. The institution and the training programs are entirely recognized by the IAPCC, CMA, ITC, and World Massage Federation (WMF). Body Sense Massage Schools WMF’s diplomas and certificates are globally accepted and only Kevin Salimi gives them.

The main objective of the school is to accomplish the goal of the students and helping them in acquiring high knowledge on the massage therapy. Furthermore, the institution encourages the student to practice professionally.

Complete knowledge of Massage School

Kevin along with the expert individuals carries wide knowledge in therapeutic massage. Since the school is established, the only objective that they hold is providing guaranteed results to the students by undertaking the internationally approved courses. The therapist training them makes sure that can professionally practice by abiding both Australian and International Standard.

The courses bestowed are recognized to practice in Australia and globally. After successfully completing the training program, the students will become eligible for the membership, as well as for Public Liability & Indemnity Insurance. The pursuers can also apply for the WMF globally recognised certificates, which are offered only by BSMS for Australia and New Zealand.

This school has garnered a wide reputation because of their consistent effort in building their students’ career. The courses are designed as per the International standard, thereby helping the students to establish a successful career as a professional therapist. The short and weekend massage courses are available in Australia; Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Gold Coast, and internationally. The trainers bring out the best of the enthusiast through their extraordinary practical and theoretical session.