Sports massage techniques-Be familiar with the four methods to alleviate the muscle pain

The sports massage is mostly required when the athletes, runners, swimmers, gymnasts and other sports person faces sharp and acute pain in their body due to the excessive use of the muscles during the exercise or the in the competition. The pain in the muscles and joints, pain caused due to sprain, excessive muscle use, bruise in the muscles, tennis elbow and other discomforts are very common among the sports personalities. Henceforth, the sports massage therapist follows four simple techniques that can extract out the pain and boosts their level of performance.

Get to know the special massage methods

Deep tissue massage

It is done with the help of fingers, knuckles, and thumbs on the area that has muscle tension. Pressure is applied with the fingers to ease the soreness from the joints and the muscles and releases stiffness from the area that is causing the muscles less-functional. The deep tissue massage hurts, but it is tolerable. As the pressure reaches the inner layers of the muscles, it starts alleviating the knots, making the energy to flow, allowing the bruised muscles to heal.

Cross Fiber friction strokes

In this method, the thumb is used to apply gentle strokes on the tight areas of the body that can help the help to reduce the pain. To relieve stiffness from the shoulder and the thigh muscles, the therapist applies firm pressure to the areas with their thumb and rub across the painful area to break up the scar tissue.


This technique focuses on one muscle group before moving on to the next. For example, the calf muscles, where the therapist uses his palms and move up and down, applying pressure on the discomfort areas. This loosens the tight muscles and makes it flexible.


Last but not the least, the jostling is used to relax the muscles, especially during the cramps, sprain, and stiffness. The therapist basically grabs the muscle and shakes it for 10 seconds to eliminate the cramps and improve the performance level.