Cluster headache therapy- How massage works for it?

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Cluster headache therapy- How massage works for it?

Headaches are of different kinds & it brings certain discomfort in the lives of the humans. Among all, cluster headache is the ones that can give you the most severe pain that you can ever imagine. It adds such an irritation that people fail to focus on their duties & perform better functions. It also provides sleepless night, agitation, swelling of one eye, facial sweating, congestion of nasal passage & more. With chronic pain in one particular area of the head, especially around one eye can give you worst nightmares.

The therapy massage can work as wonder to give you relief from the chronic pain. The massage practitioners focus on the 24 major points that includes head, face, neck & hands. To release the congestion from the area, the thumbs & the fingers are used. The pain in alleviated by applying circulation massage over the two edges of the head. This can increase the blood flow in that specific section and boost the level of serotonin, which is a pain reducing hormone.

Massage provides a deep relaxation, and as the cluster headaches are the most painful one, trigger therapy is applied in neck, facial areas, and in the head. The increased sensitivity in the trigeminal nerve, which is located behind the eye form the main reason for the cluster headache. The trigger point therapy can smoothen the blood flow in the nerve & reduce the headache.

Apart from the trigger therapy, the deep tissue massage can also be used to give relief to the people suffering from this chronic headache. As the deep tissue massage penetrates the deeper layers of the muscles & tissues, it can help in easing the cluster headache pain.

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