Hands-on session

Hands-on session

The Body Sense Massage School will enable the students to know the real meaning of the hands-on practical session. It trains you to become a real healer and connect with the patients by giving them a perfect hands-on massaging technique.

You may find many courses in the industry that would promise to give you ‘99% hands-on training session’, Yes! It is just 99% hands on only in training day not in the treatment session after the course!This school does not waste the candidates’ time by starting massaging and massaging whole days of training and mean it as 99% hands-on. We will teach you performing the 99%healing hands-on in your treatment session.

Massage is not just rubbing the body by doing some stroke techniques! We have seen many massage therapists in the industry that after a long time studying they didn’t know what is the exact meaning of hands on as a healer! BSMS hands-on training is an important part of the program. Candidates learn healing massage and practice as a real healer by focusing on the patient’s body, mind, and energy.

A real healer doesn’t do massage as a duty for finishing an hour task. A healer performs massage from his/her heart and soul. This school does not teach you some stroke techniques in 2-3 day courses. We will teach you in depth for a successful result in your future massage career.

At Body Sense Massage School, the trainers chalk out a well-designed plan for the students to make the program easy and convenient. Every course comes with a good training plan, which enables the students to learn with proper understanding. For BSMS, the training session held for 2-3 days with an accurate hands-on practice session that can help the students reach the success right after the program ends.

The massage therapist works for 2-3days on the weekend massage course. During the session, the therapist tries to connect the positive energy with the patient by performing an outstanding hand movement and amazing techniques on their body. To become a professional and knowledgeable healer and massage therapist, be a part of our school.

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