Massage Courses


Massage Courses

The Body Sense Massage School offers four different massage courses- Whole Body Massage Certificate, Trigger Point Therapy, Whole Body Massage Diploma, and Cluster Headache Pressure Point. This institution is the home to the experienced and certified therapist who have designed the courses abiding the International, as well as Australian standards.

Whole Body Massage Course- Basic Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage, Basic Lomi Lomi, and treatment techniques are taught under this course.

Trigger Point Therapy- This course focuses on triggering the muscles and improving the flow of energy into the muscles. The massage alleviates the pain, releases the knots and boosts the circulation of blood.

Certification of Massage Professional- This course is termed as ‘kaveh style’ as it involves Sports massages, Trigger point therapy, abdominal massage and pressure points for constipation.

Cluster Headache Pressure Point- The training session deals with a ssevere headache, migraine, sinuses and other pain syndromes and treating them with the therapy process.


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