Theoretical session

Theoretical session

The theoretical session in the Body Sense Massage School focuses on educating the students on the multiple courses that are taught to the students. Educating the students only on the massage technique will not make a professional, they must possess the knowledge about the essential points in massage therapy like understanding of the patients medical conditions and contraindications (Do’s and Don’ts), endangerment areas in the human body with Australia case studies, and the meaning of healing massage.

Without the accurate education, it becomes tough for the candidates in understanding the healing way of the hands on! Massage is not just rubbing the body for an hour! We have seen many massage therapists in the industry that after a long time studying they didn’t know what is the exact meaning of hands on as a healer! And what are the purposes of doing healing hands-on! An important part of BSMS theory is understanding of the healing massage and practice as a real healer by focusing on the patient’s body, mind, and energy.

At Body Sense Massage School, trainers and students do not sit for hours and talk about the irrelevant topics. Theoretical session at this school is interesting and fun! And it will be 100% helpful for your massage career! We are not wasting candidate’s time to talk about useless and irrelevant theoretical details like “some longer courses” in the industry. We are also not wasting the candidates’ time by starting massaging and massaging whole days of training and mean it as 99% hands-on.Yes! It is just 99% hands on only in training day not in the treatment session!

BSMS believes that learning is an essential feature of the massage art. This will guide the students in gaining amazing knowledge in massage, which is the key to answering the market demands. To become a professional in this field, you should not think twice before enrolling for the massage courses.

You can trust us, as we do not compromise with the standard of the teaching delivered to the students. In order to get the details of our theory sessions, please click on your interesting course in the courses section and you can go through both the theory & practical sessions that we teach you.